Kawaii at the movies: Mary and the Witch’s Flower

In these last days of spring, Japanese animation returns to Italian movie theatres! From June 14 to 20, in fact, Mary and the Witch’s Flower, the first work of Studio Ponoc, “heir” of the most famous Studio Ghibli, will arrive on the silver screens. The movie, distributed in Italy by Lucky Red, is based on the novel The little broomstick, by Mary Stewart, and it is an exciting story of friendship and magic set between the English countryside and a school for magicians and witches (no, Harry Potter has nothing to do with it).

Watched for you: Aggretsuko, the Sanrio anime on Netflix

We announced it a few months ago and now Aggretsuko has finally arrived on Netflix! The animated series dedicated to the adventures of Retsuko, the red panda created by Sanrio, is available from April 20th worldwide on the famous streaming platform. Could we miss a kawaii bingewatch? We have seen, one after the other, the 10 episodes of 15 minutes each of the anime: find out if we liked it or not!

Things we like: Fullmetal Alchemist characters re-designed by Sanrio

At our venerable age, we have seen and read a lot of anime and manga. Among those that have remained more in the heart there is Fullmetal Alchemist: the story by Hiromu Arakawa has the merit, at least for myself, to have made us change our mind about shounen (manga for boys), which at the time we were snubbing a little. Fifteen years from the airing of the anime (followed in 2008 by a more faithful remake), Sanrio made a series of accessories with all the characters in a super-kawaii version. Aren’t they cute?

On air in Italy: Kuu Kuu Harajuku, the kawaii animated series by Gwen Stefani

It is not new that pop star Gwen Stefani loves Japanese fashion. Many of you probably remember the song Harajuku Girls, the group of dancers with the same name (which has attracted some criticism to the singer) and the Harajuku Lovers perfume line with the collectable dolls. Maybe, not all of you know that Gwen Stefani transformed her Harajuku Girls (and herself) in characters of an animated series, just landed here in Italy!

Kawaii at the Movies: 5 good reasons to watch Your Name

We love when there’re anime at the movies! During 2017, thanks to Nexo Digital and Dynit, we can watch in Italian theatres some Japanese animated films, included a couple we want to suggest you. The first is Your Name, the latest movie by Makoto Shinkai and one of the biggest successes ever in Japan. In the theatres only the 23rd, 24th and 25th of January, it’s one of those movies any animation lover should watch. Here’s our 5 reasons to book your seat at the nearest movie theatre (if it’s out in your country) or grab a copy of the DVD!