Rilakkuma’s animated series is coming soon on Netflix

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Yes, you’ve read it right: our beloved bear Rilakkuma will soon be protagonist of a new stop motion anime distributed by Netflix. The news was in the air for a few months, but finally there are a few more details to share, starting from the official title of the series. Are you curious? Here’s what you need to know about the screen debut of our lazy hero.


Maybe you don’t know that Rilakkuma and his friends don’t live alone. In the first stories published by San-x, in fact, is said that the bear lives with the office lady Kaoru, who one day finds him in her home after coming back from work. Yes, he is a squatter: he lives off his host and he does not even clean the house, but he gives often some live advices. The group made by Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori (apparently, the only one who is supposed to live there) recently welcomed Chairoikoguma, a brown bear who lives in the forest.


Netflix series starts from here: its title will be Rilakkuma and Kaoru and it will include 13 episodes of 11 minutes each. San-x will produce, with supervision from Aki Kondo (Rilakkuma’s creator) and her staff. The stop motion animations will be realised by studio Dwarf, which already made some short movies about our bear. And now the bad news: to watch Rilakkuma in action we will have to wait until 2019. There’s plenty of time to subscribe Netflix (if you haven’t already)!


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