Here’s the first trailer of Aggretsuko’s anime on Netflix

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After our beloved Rilakkuma, another kawaii character is coming on Netflix… and much sooner than you think! The world’s most famous streaming platform, in fact, just released the first trailer of the new animated series dedicated to Aggretsuko, made in collaboration with Sanrio.

Aggretsuko Netflix

We will not have to wait long to watch the aggressive red panda’s misadventures. Aggretsuko in fact will debut worldwide on Netflix on April 20th. The series will include 10 episodes of 15 minutes each and it will be directed and written by Rareko, who already made for Sanrio two tv series dedicated to the characters (on air on Japanese television TBS). You can watch below the trailer with English subtitles.

Who is Aggretsuko?

Retsuko – this is her real name – is a 25 years old office lady working as an accountant in a big company. It would be the dream job, if it were not for the fact that her boss and colleagues make her life impossible. However, Retsuko has a foolproof way to let out her repressed rage: going to the karaoke to rampage with heavy metal.

There’s a bit of Aggretsuko in all of us! We can’t wait to bingewatch this new series on Netflix!



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