Kawaii at the Movies: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Let’s start the year in the best way with a new animated film, one of those we like! In fact, since January 1st, Ralph Breaks the Internet is in all Italian theatres. The new Disney movie takes us back to the crazy world of video games and sends us, with its protagonists, on the internet. How will Ralph and Vanellope cope with social networks, algorithms and search engines?

Video: let’s eat lots of Christmas sweets

According to the calendar, Christmas was a week ago, but we still want to celebrate. While we are waiting for midnight and the new year, we show you our new video-tasting full of Japanese Christmas sweets. Are you curious to find out which candy received the precious thumbs up from little Eleonora?

Kawaii games: SUMI SUMI

Are you looking for a new simple, fun and above all kawaii smartphone game? In this case, we recommend that you download and install SUMI SUMI, the puzzle game that features San-x characters and that has much in common with one of our favourite games: Tsum Tsum (even the name is similar). If you do not know it yet, we talk a little bit about it.

Things we like: the new Primark collection dedicated to Mary Poppins

You must know that Mary Poppins is one of our favourite Disney movies: we have watched it millions of times, we went to see the musical, we cried when Mary greeted us during the parade at Disneyland Paris and, of course, we are anxiously awaiting the second chapter of her adventures. As if this were not enough, Primark came out with a new adorable collection dedicated to the most beloved nanny in the world: could we miss it? Let’s see together what accessories will be available in stores.