Love at first sight: the Rilakkuma forest by Re-ment

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Do you believe in love at first sight? We do, especially when it comes to Re-ment, the Japanese kawaii miniatures that sometimes we even regret taking them out of their boxes (but we do it anyway). This time our heart was conquered by the brand new series of blind-boxes dedicated to Rilakkuma in its natural environment: the forest. Will it make you fall in love too?

Rilakkuma forest re-ment

The collection includes 6 different boxes, each containing a trunk section and one or two characters. The cutest aspect of these Re-ment is that they are modular: they can be placed one on top of the other to create two trees connected by a small bridge of lianas (which can also be used as a ladder). Isn’t it simply adorable?

  • Rilakkuma forest re-ment

  • Rilakkuma forest re-ment

The Rilakkuma forest by Re-ment will be on sale in Japan starting from August 5th. We will keep an eye on Modes4u because it is always well-stocked with Re-ment, hoping to be able to bring home a complete set.

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