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Have you spent a Happy Easter? Did you enjoy opening chocolate eggs? Well, today we stay on the subject because we are talking about eggs. Not those to eat, though: Tamagotchi’s eggs. Yes, because the most famous virtual pet in the world, created in the Nineties by Bandai, is back with its first smartphone game: My Tamagotchi Forever. Shall we open our egg?

My Tamagotchi Forever

We were used to seeing them inside an egg. But now they not only move into the rectangular frame of our phone, but they also have an entire city at their disposal. As soon as the application is open, we do a bit of practice with Mametchi, who will guide us in discovering the functions of the game. They are the ones we already know: eat, play, sleep, bath. Only after completing the tutorial will we finally receive our first egg!

My Tamagotchi Forever

The game is organized in levels, which let you can unlock new food and new outdoor games for your pet. The game also allow us to perform some missions, which essentially consist in photographing the little creature and having fun in the city. To make our new friend happy (and collect some coins for our purchases), we also have some classic mini-games available.

My Tamagotchi Forever

For those who are used to the all-pixel graphics of dear old Tamagotchi, the first impact will be a bit alienating. Would you ever dream of caressing the tummy of your virtual pet to help him make the needy? Or to hear his breathless voice as he runs through the streets of the city? Too bad that there is a bit too much ads for our tastes, something that we would have expected in a game of an independent company and not a major like Bandai.

My Tamagotchi Forever

Is it worth to download My Tamagotchi Forever? The answer is yes if you are a big fan of virtual pets and you do not mind getting notifications on notifications. In fact, your Tamagotchi is very demanding and he will call you often to ask for food and attention. It is not very different from the old pocket version, to be honest. There remains the doubt of augmented reality, perhaps the most interesting function of the game, which however we could not find anywhere.

We probably will not keep it on our smartphone for a long time. As old Tamagotchi fans, it seems to us that this version lacks of the charm of the old game. There is not even the “anxiety” of having to treat the little guy to keep him from leaving. In short, it is a game that maybe we would recommend only to children (with the supervision of mum and dad, given the opportunity to make purchases in game with real money). My Tamagotchi Forever is available for free on both Google Play and App Store.

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