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Are you a brand or an online store and do you want to collaborate with us? We are always very happy to recommend new products or events to our readers and we thank you for choosing us! In this page, we have collected some useful information to let you understand better how you can advertise your business on Kawaii Gazette.

Before reaching us, please make sure your product is consistent with the theme of our blog. In this page there’s a list of our sponsored posts, so you can have a better idea of the type of products we usually recommend. In general, at Kawaii Gazette we love talking about:

  • Japanese fashion and accessories
  • Japanese food and snacks
  • kawaii stationery
  • kawaii handmade accessories
  • kawaii toys for girls
  • books and magazines dedicated to Japanese culture

If you want to better understand what we mean by “kawaii”, take a look at our Info page. Do you think your products are “kawaii” although not falling into any of the above categories? Write to us and let us see them! 🙂

Please note: we reserve the right to publish on our blog only products that meet our canons of quality and originality, in our sole discretion.

What we can do for you

All recommendations by request that you can read on our blog are totally free (that is, we don’t write paid posts). However, if you want your brand or store advertised on our blog with a dedicated post, we ask you to help us provide some quality content to our readers, providing your products for a sponsored review or a giveaway (all details in the following paragraphs) or offering a special dedicated discount (i.e coupon code). If you don’t want to sponsor a review or a giveaway, but you still want your brand advertised on our blog, please read the paragraph “Recommendations”, where we explain to you how our monthly column dedicated to shopping works.


If you wish your brand or online store featured on our blog with a dedicated post, you can decide to sponsor one of our reviews. We are always happy and available to try your products, handmade as well! Send us a request via email and present us your product (including a link to your website). Please remember that the contents of our reviews are and will always be expressed in a completely free, independent and honest way so we will not ask any type of approval before publication (nor will be granted this possibility). In this page, you can find a list of our previous reviews.


UPDATE: in compliance with the new Italian government directives of July 2018, it is no longer possible for us to organize and manage giveaways. We are still available to publish and advertise on our pages international giveaways, handled by third parties, without any organisational involvement on Kawaii Gazette part.

If you want to raise awareness of your brand or your online store, you can also sponsor a giveaway on our blog. All of our giveaways are run using the service provided by Rafflecopter. Here is how it works:

  • We deal with the practical aspects of the giveaway: the creation of the giveaway on Rafflecopter, writing and publication of the post on our blog, drawing of the winners, communications with the participants, sharing on our social network pages.
  • As a sponsor, you have to make the prize/s available (at your choice), send us the pictures of the products and deal with the shipping of the prize/s.

On Kawaii Gazette we don’t publish run two giveaways at the same time so we can give all our sponsors the same visibility (except in exceptional cases). So, if you need to start the giveaway by a certain date, please tell us in advance so we can organize our calendar. Of course, first come first served! Here’s the list of the giveaways we previously hosted. In this page, you can find the terms and conditions for all the giveaways hosted by our blog.


Cute Shopping is Kawaii Gazette’s monthly column dedicated to our shopping tips that include everything from our partner stores and anyone who wants to advertise their own brand (for free) without using the two methods before. If you wish your products featured on our column, you just need to send us an email (with a link to your site). Cute Shopping is only for online stores (e-commerce, Etsy or similar): no direct sells on Facebook pages or blogs, except in exceptional cases, at our discretion. If you have an activity that takes place exclusively on Facebook and you wish to advertise it on Kawaii Gazette, we will share a link to your page on our Facebook page.


At Kawaii Gazette we are committed to feature and review each individual product that is sent to us. All products will be tested so we can provide as much information to our readers and an opinion as comprehensive and objective as possible of the item. The nature of our jobs and our family commitments, nevertheless, do not allow us to ensure an accurate timing for the publication, especially in case of reviews of a certain complexity. In case you have exceptional need to advertise your product by a certain date (because it’s subject of a marketing campaign, because it’s connected to some event, etc), please tell us immediately.

For more information or requests, please contact us! Thank you! 🙂

Last update: 10 August 2020