Merry Christmas with Kawaii Calendar 2019!

Santa is already on his way and he is delivering the first gifts on the other side of the world… and, even without a reindeer sleigh, we do not want to be outdone! As tradition, we want to celebrate Christmas by giving you a gift that will accompany you, if you want, for the whole new year: our Kawaii Calendar and Kawaii Planner to download and print.

J*Fashion: Cult Party Kei

After several months, we are back to our section about Japanese street style. This time, we deal with Cult Party Kei, a style that can be easily confused with Dolly fashion or Mori for the many similarities that characterize them, from the use of vintage inspired clothes to layering and the choice of accessories, showy and antique-style. Even the reference shop for those who love to dress Cult Party, The Virgin Mary, has clothing and accessories suitable for both. What changes is the aesthetics at the base of the style.

J*Fashion: Dolly Kei

In Tokyo, it happens for a single store to become the cradle of a new street style. This is what happened to Grimoire, vintage shop in Shibuya area, famous for being the birthplace of Dolly Kei, one of the latest Japanese fashions! Taking a look inside the boutique, you have immediately a clear idea of the style and especially the differences with Mori, a street style that shares some stylistic choices with Dolly, but that refers to a quite different aesthetic.

Trends: nail art mania

Nail art, the art of decorating nails (real, fake or reconstructed ones), is not new. In Italy, especially in recent years, there has been a real boom and there are many girls keen on colored nail polishes and decorations (including yours truly, who is no longer able to have nails of only one color). However, the Japanese nail art goes beyond the simple application of a polish and some stickers (or the increasingly popular stamping). The nail artists of the East, in fact, use techniques similar to those of decoden or traditional painting, creating real works of art in the enclosed space of a fingernail! Also, in many cases nail art is part of an outfit, like shoes and accessories.

Diary hunt 2012

People who knows us are aware that in this time of year starts the big hunt to the diary that will accompany us throughout the year to come. Let’s see what are the proposals for 2012 from our favorite brands!

Trends: Re-ment mania

Probably, some of you already know that: we have a frenzied passion for Re-ment. For the few who still don’t know what we’re talking about (if they exists), a brief summary. Re-ment is probably the most famous Japanese company producing miniatures. There are many different sets that cover a myriad of topics, from food, to the classical kawaii characters and home appliances. Typically, they are sold in blind boxes, surprise boxes with one of the chosen set of trinkets inside. Obviously, they’re loved from collectors!

J*Fashion: Gyaru style in Italy, a chat with Honey Pop

Among the several fashion styles in vogue in Japan, one of the most famous is certainly Gyaru Kei. This style has become hugely popular around the 90s and over time has seen the birth of a great variety of subgroups. The one of you who has visited the 109, the department store of Shibuya famous as reference point for Gyaru, you will surely realize the many aspects of this fashion.

Trends: Cooking Toys – Konapun and Popin’Cookin

You probably know Re-ment, the beautiful set of miniatures loved by the collectors of all-things-Japan. However, the “madness” of the Japanese people and their love for the little-and-cute do not ends here! In fact, what could be more more kawaii than tiny sweets and delicacies? The answer is simple: miniature cakes and delicacies made by us (even edible)!

Kawaii London

Back from 5 days in London and after weeks of illness and work, here we are with our usual kawaii travelogue, with the list of stores across the Channel which we strongly recommend you to visit. At the end of the post, you can also find the link to the map, marked with all the store addresses and locations. If you wish to recommend other places we have not included, you can do it in the comment section!

Japan Emergency

Three years ago, we were about to board on the plane that would take us to Tokyo for a vacation of 20 days in the land which, for us, has always been the wonderland. Last week, just dropped from another plane, we were reached by the news of the catastrophe that was taking place half a world away, in the nation that hosted us for those unforgettable weeks. With the heart, we are close to all the people who are in the affected areas ♥