Merry Christmas with Kawaii Calendar 2019!

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Santa is already on his way and he is delivering the first gifts on the other side of the world… and, even without a reindeer sleigh, we do not want to be outdone! As tradition, we want to celebrate Christmas by giving you a gift that will accompany you, if you want, for the whole new year: our Kawaii Calendar and Kawaii Planner to download and print.

Kawaii Calendar 2019

The “theme” we have chosen for 2019 is the night sky and in particular the constellations, which the ancient sailors (perhaps even the modern ones) used to follow their course. Our wish for the new year is that you too can find the North Star that will guide you towards all your dreams and goals.

Kawaii Calendar 2019

Download Kawaii Calendar 2019

To download the Kawaii Calendar 2019 and the monthly and weekly Kawaii Planner (they are not dated, so you can use it in the future) what you have to do is click on the links below the pictures. We hope you enjoy them and that they can be useful to pin down all your new year’s plans.

Kawaii Planner 2019

Download Kawaii Planner 2019

Hey, we’re not finished yet! If you subscribe to Happy Mail, our newsletter, you have already received by email the exclusive postcard calendar to put on your desk. Not yet registered? This is the right time to do it, but if you do not feel like it, at this link you can read the newsletter of the month and complete the set with the desk Kawaii Calendar. On Cartocute, our online shop, there are also matching refills for your planner (on sale until the end of the year!).

Kawaii Planner 2019

There is nothing left but to wish you to spend a stellar Christmas and a super New Year!

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