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In recent days, it was very popular a street style that has nothing to do with Fairy Kei colored tulle or with the finest Lolita clothing: Mori Kei. The Japanese word “mori” means “forest” and this thing can make us understand what is the spirit that animates this style: as a modern wood fairies, Mori girls intended to represent with their style that contact with nature and that love for little things that often fails in big modern cities.

Mori kei
Photos from Tokyofashion.com and spoon, a Mori-kei fashion magazine.

Forget elaborate dresses, bright colors and heavy make-up: the outfit of a Mori girl should remember the rarefied and romantic atmospheres of forests! So, they prefer the colors of earth and nature (like brown, white, red and blue), flat shoes, natural and warm fabrics, long skirts and “grandmother-style” dresses . A key feature of Mori Kei is the layering, the tendency to wear clothes on each others, in order to represent, through to the superimposition of clothes and colors, the typical nuances of natural landscapes. The makeup and hair style of a Mori girl, of course, are never extreme and they always aim to get a mild natural effect and often to highlight cheeks with a faint blush.

Mori kei
1. Jacquard knot shoulder bag by SM2 – 2. Floral dress outfit by SM2 – 3. Tyrolean tape sandals by SM2 – 4. Lace cardigan by syrup – 5. Check classic wrap by syrup – 6. Tulle underskirt by syrup – 7. Handmade ribbon hairband by Wonder Rocket – 8. Ribbon leather belt by Wonder Rocket – 9. Fur and knit mittens by Wonder Rocket

In contrast to the chaos of the big cities, Mori girls love creative and relaxing activities, such as reading, sewing, photography… in general, anything that can stimulate their inner balance and enhance their individuality. The models that inspire them are, in fact, creative and over the top female figures. Not surprisingly, this style was inspired by the actress Yu Aoi, who starred in 2006 as the shy Hagumi Hanamoto in Honey and Clover, live-action inspired by Chica Umino’s manga. Other Mori icons are Juri Ueno, who stars in Nodame Cantabile, and Aoi Miyazaki, known mainly for her role as Hachi in the movie NANA.

Mori kei
Yu Aoi in Honey and Clover, Juri Ueno as Nodame e Aoi Miyazaki.

What are the most famous Mori brands? Currently, one of the most popular brand is SM2, whose dresses in neutral colors are reminiscent of the romantic atmosphere of the country. With bolder colors, but with the same vintage style, it’s Syrup, another favorite brand of Mori girls. Wonder Rocket gives, instead, a more feminine and “kawaii” reading of Mori kei, with light clothes, full of laces and adorable accessories. For those who want to try this style, flea markets and handmade shops are an excellent source of clothes and accessories!

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