Japan Emergency

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Three years ago, we were about to board on the plane that would take us to Tokyo for a vacation of 20 days in the land which, for us, has always been the wonderland. Last week, just dropped from another plane, we were reached by the news of the catastrophe that was taking place half a world away, in the nation that hosted us for those unforgettable weeks. With the heart, we are close to all the people who are in the affected areas ♥

Croce Rossa Italiana - Emergenza Giappone

How to help.

  • The Italian Red Cross has launched in the last days a fundraiser to support people affected by the tsunami. You can donate by sending a 2 Euros text message from Italy to number 45500, by cell or landline phone. Alternatively, you can donate by bank or postal account. All methods for donation are available on the Italian Red Cross website.
  • On the website of the Japan Embassy in Italy is possible to find all the details to make donations directly to the Japanese Red Cross.
  • A full list of sites and organizations that are raising funds for Japan can be found on this page and on our Twitter we will post links to all the other cool initiatives to support people affected by the earthquake. If you want to report other interesting initiatives, you may do so writing a comment below.

News and updates.

San-x and Sanrio ensure that all staff and families are safe, including Yuko Yamaguchi, the designer of Hello Kitty, who was mistakenly reported victim of the earthquake. Sanrio announced that the company will donate 50 million yen (about 450 thousand Euros) to the Red Cross, as well as provide some essential goods to the affected population.

To be updated, in addition to reading the major newspapers and national and international television networks, you can watch the live streaming of NHK World (in English) and NHK (in Japanese).

Sanrio - Emergenza Giappone

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