J*Fashion: Gyaru style in Italy, a chat with Honey Pop

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Among the several fashion styles in vogue in Japan, one of the most famous is certainly Gyaru Kei. This style has become hugely popular around the 90s and over time has seen the birth of a great variety of subgroups. The one of you who has visited the 109, the department store of Shibuya famous as reference point for Gyaru, you will surely realize the many aspects of this fashion.

Gyaru style

Some examples of Gyaru outfits in Egg magazine, June 2011.

Gyaru fashion obviously has reached Italy, as well! To talk a little about it, we host Claudia/Sparkling Diamond, leader of Honey Pop, an Italian Gyaru-sa. We have asked some questions to learn more about this Japanese street style and the Italian Gyaru scene.

  • First of all, what is a Gyaru-sa, Honey Pop in particular?

We can say that the English transliteration if Gyaru-sa is gal circle, a Gals club, friends who meet together and live their Gyaru lifestyle. So, a Gyaru-sa is simply a group of girls who follow and love the Gyaru style. Honey Pop is an Italian group. It’s formed, for the moment, by 3 girls, a Roman and a Sicilian girl (but we are looking for new members!). We all follow the Gyaru style and we try to share through various platforms (blog, facebook and soon twitter) our passion as well as our life as FRIENDS.

Gyaru style

  • Briefly, what are the main features of Gyaru style? Also, tell us the 5 pieces or accessories that are a must for a Gyaru.

There is no dress code to follow like it can possibly have the Lolita (another Japanese street style). In Japan, you might recognize Gyarus for decorated nails and backcombed hairs (they use wigs or extensions in most cases). Simply, we can say that it is very important to have passion for fashion, combined with great taste, always perfect make-up and very nice hairstyle.

Regarding the 5 accessories without which we can go outside:

  1. false eyelashes (in my opinion, Gyaru make-up essential, used to make large and dolly-eyes);
  2. curled and puffy wig, preferably in light color (but I repeat, the color is subjective: I believe there are beautiful Gyaru with dark or straight hair);
  3. decorated cellphone, following decoden mania (the same goes for digital cameras);
  4. manicured and extravagant nail art, or reconstructed nails;
  5. something sparkling and with ribbons.

Obviously, I tend to point out, this is my thought. The Gyaru world is very different and wide, so my answers may not match with the answers of another girl who follow a Gyaru subcategory different from mine (see, for example, Hime, Mori – a fusion of Mori Kei and Gyaru style – etc.).

Gyaru style

The 5 Gyaru must-wear according to Sparkling Diamond: 1. false eyelashes (photos from Dolly Wink); 2. wig (photos from Prisila); 3. decoden phone (photo from Honey Pop); 4. nail art (photo from Popteen magazine); 5. ribbons (photo from Honey Pop; bag by Camomilla).

  • Often, those who adopt an alternative style undergoes prejudices. Is this happened to you? And what are the most common misconceptions you have to face as Italian Gyaru?

Honestly, for me absolutely not. Italians really like Gyaru style, perhaps more than any other Japanese street-style. At least in Rome, no one has bothered me yet. All the girls love fashion nails, decorated phones and makeup. In fact, many girls often ask me about where to buy something. But of course the situation could change again in a small provincial town, or maybe depending on the category of Gyaru that one follows. I get dressed Rokku (rock inspired fashion) or Mori and as I said everything’s great!

  • Shopping: where does a Gyaru buy her stuff?

Who can afford it uses Shopping services that buy things for you in the major Japanese Gyaru stores, such as Liz Lisa and Jesus Diamante. But many of these shops are very expensive so you can use, always through the shopping service, Taobao or Rakuten, where there are lovely things, even from Mars or Yumetenbo, at a great price! In addition, you can go shopping in Italy as well: Gyarus adore great brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Vuitton. Obviously, you can find something in stores like H&M, Stradivarius, Fix design, Oviesse, etc. I believe it is enough to have good taste and of course good eye 😉

Gyaru style

Gyaru shopping: outfit by Liz Lisa; outfit by Yumetenbo; accessories by Louis Vuitton and Rayban (photos from Honey Pop).

  • What are the future projects of your Gyaru-sa?

Well, this summer we will be very busy with meetings, as well as a photo shoot. Various components of Gyaru-sa Peach Love, whom we adore, will visit the capital and we will have a joint meeting. Also, we will participate at the parade to be held during with Lucca Comics fair. We will be at Romics fair and we will also have a special correspondent from Japan (our Giusy!). But you can read everything on our blog: honeypopgyarusa.blogspot.com

  • Any advice for girls who are attracted to this style and want to start dressing Gyaru?

Gyaru is a passion but also an ever-evolving self-improvement. You can never say, in my opinion, to be a true Gyaru, or at least there are not italian Gyaru at this level (and I’m part of the group of those who have yet a lot of work to do), so do not lose heart, introduce yourself to some of us and start with us this fun journey of friendship! Entering a gyarusa is already a great starting, at last these clubs are like family and they will certainly help the new members to improve and grow with them.

Many thanks to Spark for answering our questions and curiosity! If you want to learn more about that, visit the Honey Pop website (the girls are looking for new group members!) and take a look at Gyaru News Italia, which collects all the news from the Gyaru community of our country! We look forward to seeing them parading in Lucca where, of course, we will be present as well!


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