5 San-x characters too weird to be true

We did it with Sanrio characters, but we couldn’t avoid taking a look also to San-x catalogue. The company that gave us Rilakkuma, in fact, has nothing to envy the historical competitors when it comes to strangeness. As a matter of facts, San-x has possibly created during the years some of the best (or worst, depending of the point of view) oddities in the world of Japanese characters. Here is our top 5, or better top 6: there’s a final bonus!

Review: kawaii squishies on Modes4U

In Italy, we called them “anti-stress” but now they are best known as squishies and lately they are all the rage among kawaii lovers and not only them. Probably it’s because of the adorable models from Japan, as cute as detailed. And obviously super squishy! Thanks to Modes4U we joined the squishy-mania as well, by choosing 4 of the many squishies available on the online store. Do you want to know how they look? Let’s find out!

Not only Tsum Tsum: the kawaii invasion of stackable plushies

First there were Tsum Tsums, the series of plushies by Disney produced in 2014 in Japan that became in a very short time (also thanks to a very fun game for smartphone) a real phenomemon. Even in this part of the world, the Tsum Tsum mania is slowly catching on (we are practically obsessed), even if not like in Japan, where there are always new special collections and gadgets. Obviously, the other toys brand couldn’t stay watching!

Diary hunt 2012

People who knows us are aware that in this time of year starts the big hunt to the diary that will accompany us throughout the year to come. Let’s see what are the proposals for 2012 from our favorite brands!

Cute Apps: games

Since I decided to retire my old iPod Nano in favor of a much more modern iPod Touch, I entered the magical world of apps! Needless to say, my favorites are those with kawaii graphics. So, I’d like to start a little section about my favorite smartphones applications, for the moment only for iPhone and iPod, as I don’t have Android yet (but it will come soon).

Trends: Re-ment mania

Probably, some of you already know that: we have a frenzied passion for Re-ment. For the few who still don’t know what we’re talking about (if they exists), a brief summary. Re-ment is probably the most famous Japanese company producing miniatures. There are many different sets that cover a myriad of topics, from food, to the classical kawaii characters and home appliances. Typically, they are sold in blind boxes, surprise boxes with one of the chosen set of trinkets inside. Obviously, they’re loved from collectors!