5 Sanrio characters borderline crazy

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While in Japan the annual Sanrio Character Ranking, the survey to decide the ranking of the favourite characters, is ending, we are looking at the brand’s archive for a peculiar category of characters we love: the differently kawaii. They are those characters not cute (at least for us), but very much ridiculous, surreal and with no sense at all. Here are our choices, in chronological order!

Sanrio characters

  • Gudetama
    Gudetama, 2013. An egg with little will to live. Not surprisingly, his name is a wordplay with “gude gude”, an expression describing a person with no energy. He knows he will be eaten. The question is: how?

  • Kirimi chan
    Kirimi Chan, 2013. Born from the encounter between a fisherman knife and a salmon, this slice of fish has one goal in life: to become a delicious and kawaii meal. If he’s happy…

  • Shirirapper
    Shirirapper, 2013. They present themselves as the fairies of… ehm, buttocks. They take the form of fruits and vegetables reminding their favourite part of human body. Also, they come out from a magical hula-hoop and love rap music.

  • Chunenheroine Ojisan's
    Chunenheroine Ojisan’s, 2015. This trio of lively elders, that evidently do not love looking at construction works like ordinary old people, are the kawaii magical superheroines the world needs. Sailor Moon, go home!

  • Haguruman Style
    Haguruman Style, 2015. They are a miscellaneous team of workaholic teeth, working day and night to maintain our mouth in good shape, for the happiness of all dentists out there. Did you brush your teeth today?

So, who would you put into this list? What’s your favourite “differently kawaii” character?

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