Back to school in Japanese style: Disney Princess backpacks

Do you remember which satchel or backpack you were wearing on your first day of school? We talked about it just a few days ago and our talk inevitably fell on traditional Japanese backpacks, which have long been among our objects of desire. And who knows, maybe they will become one of your objects of desire after seeing these beautiful models made by Disney and dedicated to Ariel and Rapunzel.

Kawaii at the Movies: Aladdin

Back in 1992, we still were children when we left the movie theatre with heart-eyes after watching Aladdin for the first time. Almost 30 years have passed (we feel old just writing it) and in this period we have seen the animated movie so many times that we know every scene by heart… and we are certain that we are not alone! Now Disney brings us back to Agrabah, this time with protagonists in the flesh: are Arabian nights still as magical as they once were?

Kawaii at the Movies: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Let’s start the year in the best way with a new animated film, one of those we like! In fact, since January 1st, Ralph Breaks the Internet is in all Italian theatres. The new Disney movie takes us back to the crazy world of video games and sends us, with its protagonists, on the internet. How will Ralph and Vanellope cope with social networks, algorithms and search engines?

Disney Princess: here are the red carpet dolls

You know those beautiful illustrations that you find here and there on the internet on the genre “Disney Princesses who wear historically accurate clothes”? Well, Disney has decided to play the game too! The Premiere series is the new collection of Disney Designer limited edition dolls that imagines the Princesses on the red carpet at the premiere of the movie they feature. And they are one more beautiful than the other!

Things we like: Q Posket by Banpresto

If you too have the bad habit of buying – and collecting – dolls and toys of your favourite characters, stop reading. Yes, because today we show you some cute little figures you’ll want to have them all at any cost! These are the Q Posket, the adorable characters created by the Japanese Banpresto with the likeness of the most beloved characters of movies and cartoons: we are literally in love!

Kawaii Christmas: 5 gifts we wish to receive

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to wrap the presents to give to our friends and all the people we love. Did you run out of ideas? Well, you’re not alone! So, we want to help you in a (maybe) unusual way, which is suggesting you five gifts we wish to find under our tree – that maybe you can give to your bestfriend or, why not, yourself. There’s nothing better than a self-gift, right? This is our list.

Things we like: the Beauty and the Beast collection by Primark

Today we want you to be envy of people living near a Primark store. Here in Italy, for the moment, Primark is located in 4 cities: Milan, Florence, Brescia and Verona. Now you can find in these stores a brand new amazing collection dedicated to one of the most enchanting Disney fairtytale: Beauty and the Beast. Be our guest and take a look with us to some of the available products!

Kawaii at the Movies: 5 reasons to watch Beauty and the Beast

Finally one of the movies we most waited this year arrived in theatres: Beauty and the Beast! We will be honest with you: the old animated version was never one of our favourite Disney movies, but the ball scene always made us very emotional. For this reason, we were very excited while watching in the trailers the first images of Belle with her yellow dress in Beast’s arms, with the song we all know very well in the background. Here are our 5 reasons to watch Beauty and the Beast: we loved the movie!