Kawaii Christmas: 5 gifts we wish to receive

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Christmas is coming, and it’s time to wrap the presents to give to our friends and all the people we love. Did you run out of ideas? Well, you’re not alone! So, we want to help you in a (maybe) unusual way, which is suggesting you five gifts we wish to find under our tree – that maybe you can give to your bestfriend or, why not, yourself. There’s nothing better than a self-gift, right? This is our list.

Kawaii Christmas

  • Kawaii Christmas
    Stationery and hand lettering material. One of our hobby in 2017 was hand lettering and we are sure we are not alone. For this reason, under the tree we would like to find pens and markers, like this pastel set by Tombow. Some more suggestions: if you are a beginner, we suggest you the great practical guide “The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide”, by Peggy Dean. As for pens, we are in love with Pentel Brush Sign: the colours are not that cute, but they’re amazing for hand lettering.

  • Kawaii Christmas
    Fairy tale jewels. Usually, we are not that crazy about jewels, but the Disney’s Couture Kingdom collection is the exception that confirms the rule! Disney’s Characters and stories, in fact, are the inspirations for this totally adorable bijoux collection. Our favourites are the Alice in Wonderland bracelet with the key and Beauty and The Beast bracelet with the rose and the amazing Cinderella pink gold plated necklace.

  • Kawaii Christmas
    Kawaii make-up. Did you know that Sanrio made a super cute make-up and accessories line? We do, and we have listed it in our wish list! It’s unlikely that Santa could put it under the tree in time, but nothing prevents you from giving it yourself as a postponed Christmas gift. We love the mirror and the hand cream trio by Little Twin Stars!

  • Kawaii Christmas
    Evergreen music. We don’t know about you, but sometimes we have a little bit of nostalgia and we listen to old cartoons tunes. You can imagine our joy when, the last month, Duets came out. It’s the new music album by Cristina D’Avena, the iconic Italian singer who performed the opening themes of almost all the anime and cartoons of our childhood. The new CD contains 16 successes re-arranged and performed with other famous Italian artists. We could not fail to have in our letter to Santa Claus.

  • Kawaii Christmas
    Double surprise. Again, this is a gift that would not arrive in time for Christmas, but any excuse to celebrate even in January! A kawaii subscribe box is a perfect gift for people who love surprises because you never know what you get. For us, is the right time to give and give yourself a Japan Candy Box. After all, it’s the new and improved version of the Befana’s stocking, isn’t it?

P.S. If you still don’t know what to give to your family and friends, we have another little suggestion for you. Subscribe our Happy Mail: this Friday you will receive a perfect freebie to help you with the job!


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