Moon Prism power: the ranking of our 5 favourite Sailor Moon inspired products

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Sailor Moon Crystal

The first season of Sailor Moon Crystal, the new animated series on the pretty guardians with a sailor suit (very different from the Nineties anime, but very similar to the manga by Naoko Takeuchi), just ended. In Japan however the Sailor Moon mania exploded months ago, also thanks to the celebrations for the 20 years of the series. Waiting for the new episodes, which will be streamed free from February 7th, here is the ranking of our favourite items among the plethora of accessories that have invaded Japanese stores.

5. The wedding tiara

Sailor Moon Crystal

To please future brides fan of the series (and those who want to feel princess for a day), Bandai has created this amazing tiara plated in gold with Swarovski crystals, designed by the young jewelry designer Taro Kamitani. The tiara is a little bit expensive (about 2700 Euro), but brides are entitled to a little pampering, aren’t they? And while we’re at it, why not organize a themed wedding?

4. The iPhone covers

Sailor Moon Crystal

We do not have an iPhone so we envy those who can accessorize their smartphone with these beautiful covers, dedicated to the old Nineties series. The decorated window effect is made more realistic by the translucend plastic that offers a glimpse of the underlying colour. Pretty, right?

3. The kitchen aprons

Sailor Moon Crystal

They are so cute that you would like to wear them even out of the kitchen! I wonder if wearing the Sailor Jupiter apron (but there’s also a Sailor Moon one) will make you good at cooking as Makoto?

2. The Sailor pens

Sailor Moon Crystal

Confess: who as a child never wanted to have a pen/magic wand just like the ones owned by the Sailor senshi? Now you can fulfill your old desire: the set reproduces the pens of the protagonists of the series. They are not magic, but it’s better than nothing!

1. Sailor Moon x Tralala clothes

Sailor Moon Crystal
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Do you want clothes inspired by your favourite anime that are wearable in any occasion and not just at a comic convention? Here you are! Tralala (sweet gyaru brand) has created this fantastic line inspired by Sailor Moon. I bet many of you (me included) would do anything to have one of those cardigans or sailor sweaters!

Bonus: Sailor Moon Pullip

Sailor Moon Crystal

There are dozens of dolls reproducing the features of the Sailor senshi, but few are cute as these Pullip! For now, you can only order and buy Sailor Moon, Serenity, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus, but we expect to see soon the missing pretty guardians (and maybe a Dal/Chibiusa and a TaeYang/Tuxedo Kamen).

Which one of these products do you prefer? 😀


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