Kawaii Valentine’s Day: the Kawaii Heart Box to download and print!

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Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is coming. We have decided to celebrate the day of love giving to you a special edition of our Kawaii Gift Box… which for the occasion becomes Kawaii Heart Box!

Kawaii Heart Box

Kawaii Heart Box is available in two colours (pink and blue), with some labels to match and customize as you like. Print them on cardboard paper, cut them, assemble them and use them to pack your Valentine (or birthday, name-day, random special day) little gifts. Inside the pdf you find at the end of the post there are the very easy instructions to build the gift box.

Kawaii Heart Box

Our Kawaii Gift Box are intended for those you love… in every sense! So, not only for lovers, but also (and mostly) for friends, sisters, mums and dads, pets and so on). In short, for anyone you would like to surprize with a gift that comes from the heart! And not only on Valentine’s Day!

You can download the Kawaii Heart Box for free clicking on the link below. Lots of hearts to all of you!


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