Review: WOWBOX, the themed mystery snack box

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A new year just started and we want to open it letting you know a brand new subscription service to receive at your home a mystery box full of Japanese snacks (in your face, after-holidays diet). Its name is WOWBOX, it’s produced by Mogmog, real experts about Japanese candies and snacks, and it’s a box really unique in its genre. Ready to find out?


The main thing that distinguish WOWBOX from all the other snack boxes out there is that the boxes have a theme. For the moment, there are 3 different categories (that you can choose and change whenever you want), corresponding to as many yummy “trends”:

  • Fun & Tasty, if you want to taste the most weird Japanese snacks (included our beloved DIY kits).
  • Classic, dedicated to the classic sweet and salty snacks (like Pocky).
  • Kawaii & Beauty, full of cute and low calories snacks.

Of course, we choose the third one! Beside the theme, you can also choose your WOWBOX between 3 different sizes for all budgets, that let you receive some exclusive snacks and products.

The first thing that caught our attention as soon as we opened our WOWBOX is the list of all the ingredients and nutritional informations (in English) for each product inside the box. We don’t know if it’s an exclusive of our WOWBOX, but it’s a very good idea: we don’t have any food allergy, but such lists could be very useful for those who must pay attention to what they eat and can’t read Japanese! And there are also English instructions for the DIY candies.

  • Wowbox
  • Wowbox
  • Wowbox
  • Wowbox

The products of our Kawaii & Beauty WOWBOX range from vegetable snacks to fruit candies (and in our WOWBOX size L there was also a delicious drink): so, there’s something for anyone! We are used to box with just candies, so the presence of salty snacks was for sure a very appreciated (and tasty) novelty. Our favourite were the avocado mini tortilla chips and the fantastic melon gummy candies: so good that one leads to another! In our video you can see all we received.

Do you want to try WOWBOX? You can choose your favourite on and receive it directly to your home starting for 14,95$ (included shipping). Also, entering the promotional code S-L85FWSBB during the checkout, you can receive a 10% discount until the end of January. What theme will you choose? Thank you so much to WOWBOX for letting us try all these yummy snacks!

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