Happy Holidays with the printable Kawaii Calendar 2016

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Even this year, we want to make you a New Year’s gift in the name of kawaii! Better still, this time it’s a double gift, as usual to download, print and put on your desk. But first of all, we want to thank you for following us in the last 12 months: we hope to have kept you company and made you smile and that you will continue to drop by in the 2016 as well. And what better way to start a new year than with a new Kawaii Calendar?

Kawaii Calendar 2016

This year Kawaii Calendar is easy peasy to use: you don’t even need to cut it! In fact, it’s a poster calendar to hang to your wall (maybe in front of your desk) and to write all of your important dates. You can print the Kawaii Calendar on normal paper or cardboard, in A4 (the size of a normal home printer) or A3 if you want that your calendar is twice the size.

Kawaii Calendar 2016

But there’s more: as we already told you, this year’s gift is double! With Kawaii Calendar 2016, in fact, there’s the brand new Kawaii Planner, of course matched to calendar. The planner is designed for those who work and study and needs to keep track weekly tasks and always have them at hand on the desk. On each page, you will find space for your weekly jobs and there is also a small box for notes.

Kawaii Calendar 2016

We suggest you print your Kawaii Planner on normal A4 paper: in each sheet, there are 2 pages of the planner, corresponding to 2 weeks (that double if you print on both sides). You can print as many pages as you want and use the planner in every month of the year because it’s universal: you just need to write the month on the space on the right and the days on the circles next to each day of the week.

Kawaii Calendar 2016

We hope you enjoy our little new years gift! You can download the Kawaii Calendar and the Kawaii Planner clicking on the link below. Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 from Kawaii Gazette!


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