New WOWBOX: lots of snacks and … a trip to Japan!

When WOWBOX offered us a few weeks ago to take a look (and a bite) at the new version of the box full of Japanese snacks, we couldn’t say no. On one hand because we never say no to food, on the other because we really like the variety of contents of WOWBOX, which always creates a perfect balance between sweet and savoury. Let’s find out what’s new and the fantastic contest that WOWBOX has reserved for its subscribers!

WOWBOX: here’s the June Kawaii & Beauty box

Here we are again showing you the content of a new WOWBOX we just received, more precisely the June Kawaii & Beauty Box. As usual, to receive and open a new WOWBOX is always an amazing surprise, especially since this month the box includes something different than the classic snacks. Let’s open it!

Let’s open a new WOWBOX: here is the September Kawaii & Beauty box

Few days ago, to the delight of our stomach, the postman brought us a new WOWBOX to taste! The type of the box we receive, among the 4 themes available, is always a surprise for us and this time it’s the Kawaii & Beauty WOWBOX, containing snacks cute outside and healthy inside. The poor box hasn’t had a safe trip, as we’re about to tell you, but we were very happy of the contents!

Review: take a look with us at the new WOWBOX

We are back to show you what we found inside WOWBOX, or better… the new WOWBOX! As we have already mentioned, in fact, since last month the themed subscription box is all new, with a new logo, new packaging and two brand new themes. The WOWBOX we received is one of the novelties: the New & Limited box, including a selection of limited edition snacks. Let’s find out what’s inside!

Let’s open together the March Kawaii & Beauty WOWBOX

Here we are again opening a brand new WOWBOX! This time, we received the box themed Kawaii & Beauty, full of Japanese snacks looking cute, good to eat and with low calories. With WOWBOX you can choose not only the theme of your box, among the three available, but also the size. In our case, it’s the Large box, containing at least 10 snacks and also a DIY candy set and a special drink. Let’s see better what’s inside!

Review: WOWBOX, the themed mystery snack box

A new year just started and we want to open it letting you know a brand new subscription service to receive at your home a mystery box full of Japanese snacks (in your face, after-holidays diet). Its name is WOWBOX, it’s produced by Mogmog, real experts about Japanese candies and snacks, and it’s a box really unique in its genre. Ready to find out?