Cute Winter Kawaii♥Giveaway: And the winner is…

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Oops, you are late!

This giveaway has ended. To find out if you are among the winners, please check your email. Keep following us to enter our future giveaways!

Here we finally find out the winners of the Cute Winter Kawaii♥Giveaway, our first little contest! First of all, we wanted to thank all of you for participating. We did not expect to receive so many adhesions and we know that much of the credit goes to you, so thank you very much everyone!

Cute Winter Kawaii Giveaway

As we wrote in the rules, we made the extraction of the winners through the site and, in particular, with List Randomizer. Wonder who the lucky three are? So, here is the video, with an exceptional host and notary!

In summary, here are the names of the three winners and their prizes:

  • FIRST PRIZE: FrancescaT (comment #15) wins the 2011 Choo Choo calendar + pencil
  • SECOND PRIZE: Ambra (comment #136) wins the Sentimental Circus plush purse
  • THIRD PRIZE: Vale (comment #138) wins the scented Yum Yums phonestrap

All three winners will receive our email this morning. If you do not answer within a week, we will assign the awards following the list generated by

We hope to organize another giveaway soon, because it was very fun to do (and we hope you had fun participating as well)! Thank you and congratulations to the winners!


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