Diary hunt 2012

People who knows us are aware that in this time of year starts the big hunt to the diary that will accompany us throughout the year to come. Let’s see what are the proposals for 2012 from our favorite brands!

Cute Winter Kawaii♥Giveaway

We are very happy to announce the opening of the first Kawaii Gazette giveaway! For some time we wanted to thank our followers with a little contest that is giving away some kawaii items, specially chosen by us and which in some way reflect the spirit of our blog… and now here we are! Ready to participate? Then read carefully the rules and try your luck!

The surreal world of Choo Choo

Thanks to Hello Kitty and Nyanko, we are now accustomed to seeing cats in the weirder shoes we can imagine. What else could surprise us now? Well, there’s something and it’s called Choo Choo, the cutest and in some ways the most original feline series we’ve seen so far!