Jewelpet and My Melody arrive on the big screen!

This year 2012 will be a busy one for Jewelpet, the little pets created by Sanrio in cooperation with Sega Toys. In April, in fact, will be broadcasted the fourth animated series about the adventures of Ruby and her magical friends, Jewelpet Kira☆Deko. The new anime will introduce new pets, including the Sweetspet, inspired by different kinds of desserts and already glimpsed on Jewelpet Sunshine, the series currently on air, bringing the group of Jewelpet at 52 characters!

Jewelpets arrive on TV and newsstands!

Since last weekend, as we had already reported on Twitter, Italia 1 italian tv channel is broadcasting Jewelpet, the anime inspired by the characters created by Sanrio in partnership with Sega Toys! The series follows the adventures of Ruby, a magic, messy bunny sent to Earth from the kingdom of Jewel Land to find her Jewelpet companions, ended up on our planet by mistake. Ruby will receive the help of Rinko, a human girl, and her friends. Together, they must find other magical puppies and defend themselves from kittens Diana and Dian, who want to use dark magic to win Jewel Land. The anime, which is composed by two series (Jewelpet and Jewelpet Tinkle), will be transmitted by Italia 1 every Saturday and Sunday at 8.20.

Sanrio crisis? The New York Times analysis

Last month, the famous American newspaper New York Times had a long and interesting article analyzing the not exactly rosy situation of Sanrio. The reporter asked designers and industry experts to find out whether the boom of Hello Kitty is going to last and for how much time. We propose you a translated and summarized version the article (which you can read in full version on this page), hoping that it might interest you as it has interested us.