Jewelpet and My Melody arrive on the big screen!

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This year 2012 will be a busy one for Jewelpet, the little pets created by Sanrio in cooperation with Sega Toys. In April, in fact, will be broadcasted the fourth animated series about the adventures of Ruby and her magical friends, Jewelpet Kira☆Deko. The new anime will introduce new pets, including the Sweetspet, inspired by different kinds of desserts and already glimpsed on Jewelpet Sunshine, the series currently on air, bringing the group of Jewelpet at 52 characters!

Jewelpet Movie

(c)’08,’12 Sanrio/Sega Toys

On 11 August, instead, it will be the turn of Gekijō-ban Jewelpet Sweets Dance Princess, the animated movie set in Sweetsland, country of the Sweetspet. During the preparations for the Princess’ birthday, Ruby and her friends will face a strange object fell from the sky, hiding a mysterious new Sweetspet.


Jewelpets, however, will not be the only ones on the big screen! Indeed, their film will be accompanied by Onegai My Melody & Ai, the first movie, after 4 television series, about the adventures of the bunny My Melody and her frenemy Kuromi!

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