Summer readings: Cartoon Ladies

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Cartoon LadiesWhether you are on vacation enjoying some well-deserved rest or at home like myself, summer is the perfect season to read a good book in peace, even for those who do not read so much during the rest of the year.

So here we propose you a trip in the opposite direction of Japan, to America, homeland of some of the most famous female characters in the world of animation. “Cartoon Ladies”, written by Federica Zancato, is an interesting and entertaining essay that compares some of the most popular heroines of movie and television screens. 

Seductive or moralistic? Housewives or workers? Fairies or witches? Using some of the most common women’s models (and stereotypes), the author creates a sort of face off between American animation icons. Of course, there are also hidden details and little gossips to know more about our favorite heroines, from Minnie to the fearless Merida (the star of “Brave”, the new movie from Pixar), via Marge Simpson, Snow White, Cruella de Vil, Ursula and much more.

Cartoon Ladies

“Cartoon Ladies. Le dive del cinema d’animazione americano” (Divas of American animation) is written by Federica Zancato and published in Italy by Tunué. You can buy it in bookstores here in Italy (or on the publisher’s website) at the cover price of 9.70 Euros. Want to read a preview (italian only)? Just click on this link!

What is your favourite “cartoon lady”? 😀

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