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DIY experts and avid users of Pinterest (by the way, here we are!) will already be aware of the existence of washi tape, one of the most used and desired material by crafters around the world. Washi tape, as the name betrays, has Japanese origins and it’s a particular type of tape, very durable even if it’s made with paper. The key feature that makes it so popular is the wide variety of designs and patterns, which makes it much more like a ribbon than a simple tape!

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Photo (c) gamene on Flickr.

Washi tape is also famous for its versatility! The most obvious use is certainly as scrapbook material, but it can be also used to customize a gift package or a handmade greeting card or to decorate diaries and notebooks (some types of washi tape are semi-transparent and thus perfect to highlight special days or events in a calendar). The applications do not end here… and you just need to do a little research on Pinterest to find many ideas easy to do!

Some examples of washi tape decorations.
Source: via Nathalie on Pinterest

Are you curious and do you want to try it? On Modes4U you can find find a wide selection of washi tape ready to use! Here are our favourites! Tell us yours!

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