Kawaii New Year: here is the printable Kawaii Calendar 2015!

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Last year, our Kawaii Calendar was a success. Almost 700 clicked the download button and we like to think that a part of you decided to spend the year with us. After the Kawaii Gift Box, here is with our second Christmas and New Year gift: the Kawaii Calendar 2015, to print and put on your desk!

Kawaii Calendar 2015

For the next 365 days, we have choosen a theme: sweeties! And we put them on the paces of our calendar to decorate the upcoming months. If last year the Kawaii Calendar filled an A4 paper sheet, this year we decided to do things bigger and we prepared a calendar that you can put on your desk recycling an old CD case. As usual, the assembling is very easy!

  • Download the Kawaii Calendar 2015 PDF and print it on normal paper or cardboard. Important: set your printer for both sides printing, the calendar pages are already expressly ordered.
  • Take an old CD case and remove the cover. If it’s a classic CD case, remove the transparent cover and put it back on the other side; if it’s a slim case instead, you just need to oper the case so that the transparent cover is folded back.
  • Insert the pages of the Kawaii Calendar 2015 instead of the paper cover. More detailed instructions (with explanatory image) on the PDF.

Alternatively, you can transform the pages of the Kawaii Calendar in a wall calendar, for example making little holes or attaching them to some twine with small clips.

Kawaii Calendar 2015

Kawaii Calendar 2015

Do you like our Kawaii Calendar? Show us! Tag your calendar with #kawaiicalendar 2015 or mention us with @kawaiigazette on Instagram or Twitter. Happy new year to all of you!


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