Kawaii fashion: the amazing Sailor Moon yukata

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Even if can’t tell it by looking at the calendar, spring is getting closer and it’s time to start thinking about the wardrobe for the warmer season. For the lucky Japanese girls, this also means to brush up their favorite yukata, or maybe to buy one that’s all new and… magical! The Japanese brand Kyoto Marubeni, in fact, has created a whole collection of fantastic yukata dedicated to Sailor Moon. They’re one more beautiful than the other!

Sailor Moon Yukata

The collaboration is part of the initiatives to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the series and includes yukata for all tastes and budgets. The cheaper ones (costing around 150 euros) are sets formed by yukata and obi depicting the famous bows of the Sailor Scouts’ uniforms. They can be matched with adorable fans in Sailor Moon’s colours. For those who do not mind the expenses there are also refined yukata that show off more sophisticated and elegant patterns. They cost around 350 Euro each and can be combined with pretty obi with the symbols of our heroines.

  • Sailor Moon Yukata
  • Sailor Moon Yukata
  • Sailor Moon Yukata
  • Sailor Moon Yukata
  • Sailor Moon Yukata
  • Sailor Moon Yukata

Yukata is the traditional Japanese garment worn mainly during summer festivals. Unlike the kimono, it is considered a casual dress, made of less precious fabrics and much easier to wear. The collection of Sailor Moon yukata will premiere in the official Bandai store in February, but it will be available in stores starting from April. They are beautiful, aren’t they? What is your favorite yukata?

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