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MangascienzaCan anime be an istrument to better understand the society we live in? This is the question that Fabio Bartoli, author of Vado, Tokyo e torno, tries to answer in his lates book just arrived in italian bookstores, Mangascienza, published by Tunué. Through the analysis of some of the most popular animated television series of the eighties, like Conan, Galaxy Express, and Astro Boy, he will try to reconstruct the social and technological development of a country, Japan, which has witnessed firsthand the problems and contradictions of technology, first with Hiroshima and Nagasaki and then with Fukushima.

A book for fans of science-fiction anime and manga and more! Japanese science fiction becomes in Mangascienza a way to analyze and better understand the contemporary world and the relationship between man, environment and technology.

Mangascienza – Messaggi filosofici ed ecologici nell’animazione fantascientifica giapponese per ragazzi (Mangascienza – Philosophical and ecological messages in Japanese science fiction animation for children) is written by Fabio Bartoli and edited by Tunué. You can find it in bookshops at a price of 16.50 euros and you can read a preview on this page. Happy reading!


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