5 Sanrio characters deserving more

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Not everything turns out as it should and sometimes some characters that look so cute don’t meet actually much success. So, we combed through Sanrio’s archive looking for those relatively unknown characters that, according to our discretion, would have deserved more fame.

Sanrio Characters

Here’s our selection, in a strictly chronological order!

  • Small People
    Small People, 1976. The protagonist of this collection with a country feel is Sweet Candy, leader of a group of friends including Lou, Tami, Joy and Lee (the only boy). With them there’s always the dog Palo.

  • Paupipo
    Paupipo, 1988. It’s the prince of Giraffe Star. His little horns light up emanating energy and he has a magical ball that allows him to go wherever he wants. We would love to see him as friend of Little Twin Stars!

  • Sangoku Prison
    Sangoku prison, 2013. A team of samurai cats fighting, in their own way, to conquer the kingdom. They are the most popular of our list, since there are even 2 iPhone games dedicated to them!

  • Hikidashi aita
    Hikidashi aita, 2013. They’re two friends living in drawers with a passion for smells of every kind (including fish, apparently). In their world, fragrances bring happiness and symbolize the connection with a friend.

  • Kaitou Loppappu
    Kaitou Loppappu, 2013. With a design reminding us of Sentimental Circus, he’s a bunny thief who disguise himself as a work of art to steal from museum. He’s with no doubts our favourite of this list!

What about you? Do you have some less known characters you like? Let us know in the comments!

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