J*Fashion: Gyaru style in Italy, a chat with Honey Pop

Among the several fashion styles in vogue in Japan, one of the most famous is certainly Gyaru Kei. This style has become hugely popular around the 90s and over time has seen the birth of a great variety of subgroups. The one of you who has visited the 109, the department store of Shibuya famous as reference point for Gyaru, you will surely realize the many aspects of this fashion.

FORFEX x Sanrio

A new name is added to the list of Sanrio collaborations for the 50th anniversary of the brand! In fact, just yesterday, June 24, during the Paris men’s fashion week, it was presented the line FORFEX x Sanrio!

Sometime they come back: Pompompurin

At Sanrio, there is a sort of “operation nostalgia”. The first was My Melody, pulled out of oblivion with her new frenemy Kuromi. Then it was the turn of Little Twin Stars, a bit neglected and now back to being probably the most popular Sanrio characters after Hello Kitty. The kitten herself has undergone this vintage influence: for her 35th anniversary, in fact, she had a facelift that has brought her back to 1974 features.

Happy endings: Sanrio vs. Miffy

Miffy vs CathyAs some of you may know, since several months there is an ongoing lawsuit between Mercis, the company that owns Miffy’s rights, and Sanrio. The “bad girl” is Cathy, one of the little friends of Hello Kitty, a white bunny that, according to the Dutch Mercis, has too much similarities with the character created by Dick Bruna. In November of the last year, the People’s Court of Amsterdam has given reason to Mercis, ruling that the character of Cathy violates the copyright of the Dutch company and then prohibiting the marketing of any gadget depicting the Japanese bunny.

Hello Kitty x Sephora: Memoirs of a Kitty

The collaboration between Sanrio and Sephora is not new. Earlier this year, the first Hello Kitty Collection, including make-up, accessories and more, was out in the stores. In these last weeks of spring, it appeared the delicious new line, called Memoirs of a Kitty… a name that makes us think about the beautiful atmosphere of Memoirs of a Geisha!