Trends: Cooking Toys – Konapun and Popin’Cookin

You probably know Re-ment, the beautiful set of miniatures loved by the collectors of all-things-Japan. However, the “madness” of the Japanese people and their love for the little-and-cute do not ends here! In fact, what could be more more kawaii than tiny sweets and delicacies? The answer is simple: miniature cakes and delicacies made by us (even edible)!

Sanrio JP presents the summer catalog

A few days ago, Sanrio Japan has posted on its website the new summer catalog! Let’s take a look at the most interesting accessories (well, the ones that we liked the most), which will be released in stores in the upcoming weeks!

Nyanpire becomes an anime!

Last year, one of our crushes was Nyanpire, the adorable vampire cat! The Gothic World of Nyanpire” was born from the imagination of yukiusa who in 2009 decided to make a doujinshi (self-produced illustrated magazine) featuring the kitten. The character quickly acquires a discrete group of fans, earning a variety of gadgets dedicated to him. A few months ago, it was announced the upcoming launch, scheduled for the second half of the year, of the animated series entitled “Nyampire – The Animation, produced by Gonzo.

A wallpaper for Japan

Among the many initiatives emerged to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami occurred last March, we wanted to show you the ones taken by Yahoo!Japan and Goo, two of the most popupar portals and search engines in Japan, which have enabled two identical fundraising. Participation is restricted only to residents in Japan, but we wanted to let you know anyway.