Kawaii Gazette is 7 years old… and has a makeover!

On October 22, 7 years ago, this blog opened its doors, our way to kill time and talk about things we like. Meanwhile, like a child now going to primary school, we grew up and changed with the blog. We may not have the consistency we had before, certainly our content changed a little with time (and, who knows, will change again), but what has remained intact is the ultimate goal of this little corner of the web: to have fun, hoping to entertain you, without taking ourselves too seriously because we are not capable of it 😀

Kawaii Survey 2010

A little over a year ago, on the occasion of our first giveaway, we asked to participate including in the comments the names of your favorite kawaii characters, just to write something different than usual “I join and share”. Even if it was long time ago, we decided to count all your answers! Obviously, we were not satisfied with a simple list, so we made a little chart to show you the results in a more colorful way (inspired by the beautiful infographic by Hello Kitty Junkie). Obviously, this graph is just a game with no statistical value, but we’d like to show it to you, also in anticipation of a future comparison with the results of the new giveaway to which we invite you to join!