Review: take a look with us at the new WOWBOX

We are back to show you what we found inside WOWBOX, or better… the new WOWBOX! As we have already mentioned, in fact, since last month the themed subscription box is all new, with a new logo, new packaging and two brand new themes. The WOWBOX we received is one of the novelties: the New & Limited box, including a selection of limited edition snacks. Let’s find out what’s inside!

Kawaii at the movies: 5 good reasons to watch Finding Dory

Today on Kawaii Gazette we do something new: we go the the movies! It’s been a while since we thought to talk about movies as well, the animated movies we love so much and we watch for pleasure and for work, movies that are quite kawaii… and we usually watch very late! But not this time, at least in Italy! So, let’s cut to the chase and talk about one of our most anticipated movies: Finding Dory (out in Italy this week)! Here are our 5 (+1) reasons to watch the new adventures of the forgetful little fish, at the theatre like us or in DVD.