Cute Shopping: Kawaii Disney

Welcome back with a new episode of our column about shopping! For this month, we have chosen a theme that is very dear to us lately: Disney characters! Maybe they’re not 100% Japanese, but over there they know how to make even the characters we grew up with even more cute (someone just said Tsum Tsum?). So, here is our selection of products from our partner shops!

Kawaii Fashion: Alice in Wonderland shoes which are almost a shame to wear

Did you happen to see the clothes or accessories so cute to die for, knowing that you would (maybe) never dare to wear them? Well, that’s what happened us seeing this magnificent collection of shoes which Irregular Choice dedicated to Alice in Wonderland! Almost all models are already sold out, but they really worth a look because they are real works of art to put at your feet (or maybe not). Let’s take a look together!

Happy Star Wars Day with Tsum Tsums

If you are a little bit nerd like us, you probably know that today is the International Star Wars Day, a day dedicated to the famous saga created by George Lucas. The reason they choose the 4th of May is easy: the motto “may the Force be with you” is really similar to “May the 4th be with you”. As big Star Wars fan ourselves, we want to celebrate the day with the most kawaii version of the characters of the series: the Tsum Tsum version!