WOWBOX: here’s the June Kawaii & Beauty box

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Here we are again showing you the content of a new WOWBOX we just received, more precisely the June Kawaii & Beauty Box. As usual, to receive and open a new WOWBOX is always an amazing surprise, especially since this month the box includes something different than the classic snacks. Let’s open it!


June WOWBOX was ideally dedicated to the rainy season, just started in Japan. Here it’s not the right time to open the umbrella… unless you’re on the beach! And WOWBOX snacks are perfect to crunch on the seaside between a swim and another. In the gallery below, we show you everything we received!

    Saya Endo: some mildly creepy chips made with peas. This is the weirdest and most “concerning” snack in this WOWBOX! Pokemon Bakauke: a fantastic set of 4 bags with Pikachu corn chips. We can’t wait to eat them!
    Caplico no Atama: classic strawberry and chocolate Caplico in the shape of bites that look like cherry flower petals. Kamu Aroma Lime & Bergamot: citrus candies perfect for the summer season. Dole Kiwi Gelee & Yogurt Gummy: gummy candies with a strange kiwi and yogurt mix. Fuwarinka: candies with berries and rose flavour, sweet and perfumed.
    Yasai Seikatsu Peel&Herb: a drink with fruit and vegetables (a lot of vegetables) and a good dose of Vitamine C. Finally, the new thing of the month we talked you about is a set of bath products, including bath salt and essences with oils and citrus flavour. Pity we don’t use the bathtub!

Now, we just saw what’s inside June Kawaii & Beauty WOWBOX, but how good are really all these snacks? You’ll find out this week on Instagram, when we will show you our short video stories. So, follow us if you don’t!

Instead, if you want to taste new snacks from Japan yourself, on the WOWBOX website you can choose among 4 different themes, one tastier than the other. What’s your favourite?

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