Who is Yoshikitty, the revelation of the latest Sanrio Characters Ranking

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Few weeks ago, Sanrio Characters Ranking, the annual survey to choose Sanrio characters most loved by fans, has revealed its winner for 2018. The latest edition (the 33rd) has reserved several surprises, especially in the first positions, where Hello Kitty gives up the lowest step of the podium to her “alter ego” Yoshikitty. But who is the new “rival” of the most famous kitty in the world?


Yoshikitty is the first Sanrio character based on a real person, Yoshiki, leader of X Japan, one of the most famous visual kei bands. We can define Yoshikitty a sort of rock version of Hello Kitty, with a lot of dark eye makeup, leather clothes and spiked hair, in full visual style.


Although not one of Sanrio’s leading characters (she’s not even in the official list on the website), Yoshikitty in recent years has always placed very well in the rankings. From 2015 onwards, she is costantly in the top 15 positions of the ranking, but this is the first time that she manages to overcome in popularity her “big sister” Hello Kitty.


The reason of her success is her number one fan, Yoshiki. A few months ago, in his official video channel, X Japan’s founder encouraged fans to vote for Yoshikitty, promising in case of a victory a streaming performance and the release of the new album of the band. Yoshikitty ranked first in the partial rankings in China, Italy, Germany and France. To keep her company on the podium this year there are the triumphs of the last editions of the Character Ranking: Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin. Do you agree with the ranking? For whom have or would you have voted?

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