Video: we show you our Dokibook planner for 2017

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The end of the year is closer and closer and it’s the right time to start thinking about your new calendar and diary for 2017. For the first one, we help you: next month you’ll found in these pages our usual Kawaii Calendar in 2 sizes and Kawaii desk planner (in 3 colours). For the diaries, instead, we have decided to “follow the trend” by choosing for 2017 a Dokibook planner (Aluccia) and a bullet journal (Debba, the one who can draw/write properly).

  • Dokibook
  • Dokibook
  • Dokibook
  • Dokibook

Waiting for Debba to get to work, yours truly shows you in a video how I’ve organized my planner, starting from the self-designed pages (matching our next Kawaii Calendar), and all the items I used, which could be useful to the many of you would like to try at customizing planner and do not know where to start (just like me).

Also, with this video, we want to thank you again (this time “face to face”) for following our blog during these past 10 years. Even if we don’t like much to be in front of the camera (at least as far as I’m concerned), we want to thank you personally and not just in writing. 🙂

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By Alessandra
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