Video: how to decorate a jar with deco tape

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Our collection of deco and washi tape is constantly growing. If you have many rolls of decorated tape as well and you still don’t know how to use them, we give you an idea! In fact, we decided to use some deco tape to decorate a jar we have at home to make it much more kawaii. In the video below, we show you the very easy procedure and the final result: use it as an inspiration!

Deco make-up pads box

For your DIY project we used a plastic box for cotton discs and we decorated it with some “lacy” deco tape. Of course, the same procedure can be replicated with glass jars, penholders or boxes, using tapes of different materials depending on your needs (deco tape like ours, washi tape or fabric tape). We leave you with the video: we hope you appreciate the idea! 🙂

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