The 5 Japanese snacks we like the most

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Cannot resist to a bag of strange looking snacks? Do you spend too many minutes looking for candy bars at the supermarket? We too. And we can’t have Kawaii Gazette without our delicious ranking of the five best Japanese snacks and sweets we have ever eaten. We are already salivating!

We will not leave you high and dry! Below, there are also links to buy online most of the snacks we talk you about. You can even find some of them, along with many others, inside Japan Candy Box. If you like, let us know among the comments which are your favorite snacks!

  • Waka Gokoro Pop. Take a bag of normal popcorn: in a half add some salt, in the other some brown sugar caramel. The combination of sweet and savory is phenomenal! Waka Gokoro Pop is undoubtedly our favorite Japanese snack: it is not easily available abroad, but nothing prevents you reproducing the taste by buying sweet and savory popcorn at the supermarket and mixing them.

  • Pocky. Pocky comes in many kind, but nothing beats the classic ones covered in chocolate! Among the many tastes that we ate (and they really are many), our favorites are the least kawaii of all: Pocky Men’s with dark chocolate and the Pocky Gokuboso, thinner than normal. We would like to taste sooner or later those with salted chocolate, which remind us of our breadsticks and Nutella snacks.

  • Rilakkuma Biscuit Sticks. You have seen these Rilakkuma stick cookies sometime in our reviews. They look like Pocky without chocolate coating and, at first glance, they do not seem so special. Just bite one, however, and be catapulted into a paradise with vanilla flavor. If you have the chance, taste them: we assure you that they are incredibly good. And even the packaging is super cute!

  • Puccho. So soft that melt in your mouth: Puccho are the best candies we’ve ever eaten! In practice they are soft yogurt toffee with gummy fruit pieces inside. They would horrify your dentist, but they are so good that you cannot stop eating one more and then another one. Also, there are so many tastes then you are spoiled for choice!

  • Sour paper candy. How much do we like the gums all covered with sugar that leave a little sting on your tongue! These sweets, in addition to being delicious, also have a shape that makes them very fun to eat, perhaps picking them from time to time or devouring them in one bite as if they were a large noodle. We suggest you try the cola and the green apple flavour: you will not regret it!

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