Tamagotchi On: the return of the virtual pet

To tell the truth, it never left us. More than twenty years have passed since Bandai launched world’s most famous virtual pet, but between highs and lows Tamagotchi has continued to evolve almost constantly, at least in Japan. In our part of the world, it is a long time since we talk about him, if we exclude the parenthesis of the smartphone version. Now, Tamagotchi is ready to come back in style with a brand new version called Tamagotchi On.

Kawaii games: My Tamagotchi Forever

Have you spent a Happy Easter? Did you enjoy opening chocolate eggs? Well, today we stay on the subject because we are talking about eggs. Not those to eat, though: Tamagotchi’s eggs. Yes, because the most famous virtual pet in the world, created in the Nineties by Bandai, is back with its first smartphone game: My Tamagotchi Forever. Shall we open our egg?