Cute shopping: Yummy Japan

Here we are again with our monthly column all about shopping! For March, while this side of the world is celebrating Easter and in Japan cherry blossom just bloomed, we decided to dedicate this page to one of our favourite topics: food! But not any food: Japanese food. So, here is our selection of products from our partner shops and more.

Cute Shopping: Nordic Winter

Let’s welcome back our feature about kawaii shopping! With the new year, we decided to transform our shopping advices in a monthly appointment: will we fulfil this commitment? Well, we’ll try for sure! In the meanwhile, here our pick from our partners. For this month, the theme is winter and Nordic style.

Pusheen to wear: internet’s most famous cat at H&M

There’s a kawaii cat that rivals in popularity the queen Hello Kitty. Her name is Pusheen and the animated gifs that tell her adventure are among the most shared (and copied) on social networks (there’s also an adorable sticker set on Facebook!). The character was created in 2010 by artist Claire Belton, first as a co-protagonist of “Everyday Cute”, webcomic about the daily events of author and her family’s life, and then as the absolute star of her own website.

Kawaii Giveaway: win a coupon for your shopping on TodTots

One of the things we can’t resist is the stationery department of a shop. So, we fell in love instantly with TodTots, an online store focused on kawaii stationery with a lot of products from Japan and Korea: notepads, washi tape, coloured pens, pouches and accessories for your home and office. Do you want to win a 15$ (20 SGD) coupon for your purchases at TodTots? Join our new giveaway!

Cute shopping: Bon voyage

Have you already left for the holidays? No matter what’s your destination or if you’ll stay away only for a day, before you leave better have some kawaii accessories for the trip! So, here is our usual selection of products from our partner shop Modes4U to make your holidays even sweeter.

Cute Shopping Fashion Edition: Mori style

A couple of weeks ago, we presented you our new partner shop YesStyle, one of the best shops for those who want to buy clothes and accessories from Japan, China and South Korea. So, we decided to combine our occasional shopping advice column with a “fashion edition” in which we will suggest you cute outfits made by items you can find on YesStyle. As usual, there’s a theme and the one chosen this time is Mori style.