Things we like: the Beauty and the Beast collection by Primark

Today we want you to be envy of people living near a Primark store. Here in Italy, for the moment, Primark is located in 4 cities: Milan, Florence, Brescia and Verona. Now you can find in these stores a brand new amazing collection dedicated to one of the most enchanting Disney fairtytale: Beauty and the Beast. Be our guest and take a look with us to some of the available products!

Cute shopping: Beauty & Cuteness

Welcome back to our corner about shopping that tries to be monthly but simply can’t. This month, the theme is Beauty & Cuteness, that is make-up and accessories to make our beauty-case more cute and original. Here’s what we have chosen for your from our partner shop and not only!

Our shopping: Mr. Wonderful

Even if it’s just October, we have already started to buy Christmas gifts! If you’re always undecided on what to buy, we suggest you to take a look at Mr. Wonderful, an online shop selling a lot of cute accessories to give to your friends or relatives. You can find lovely diaries and notebooks, scrapbooking albums, mugs and much more… everything with an adorable style we like very much! In the video below, we show you our recent purchases from Mr. Wonderful.

Cute shopping: Kawaii House

After a few weeks of break, our column dedicated to shopping returns. Do you want to find out our shopping tips from our partner shop and not only? This month, the theme we chose is kawaii house, that is cute object to decorate your home. Here’s our selection for you!

Cute Shopping: Kawaii Disney

Welcome back with a new episode of our column about shopping! For this month, we have chosen a theme that is very dear to us lately: Disney characters! Maybe they’re not 100% Japanese, but over there they know how to make even the characters we grew up with even more cute (someone just said Tsum Tsum?). So, here is our selection of products from our partner shops!

Cute shopping: Cute as a cat

Welcome back to our monthly column dedicated to shopping! This month, the theme that we have chosen (and probably have already chosen in the past) cats, our favourite animals. So, here are our tips for your feline shopping, trying to completely avoid the most famous kawaii cat in the world, Hello Kitty. Happy shopping!