Giveaway: Christmas is already here with Modes4U

It’s a bit too soon to put the Christmas decoration, but it’s the right time to start thinking about the gifts. We want to give you an early present, to open the holiday season and to end the celebrations for our birthday. In collaboration with Modes4U we have chosen for you a super cute kawaii accessories set with a Christmas vibe. Ready to join the giveaway?

Cute shopping: Beauty & Cuteness

Welcome back to our corner about shopping that tries to be monthly but simply can’t. This month, the theme is Beauty & Cuteness, that is make-up and accessories to make our beauty-case more cute and original. Here’s what we have chosen for your from our partner shop and not only!

Review: kawaii squishies on Modes4U

In Italy, we called them “anti-stress” but now they are best known as squishies and lately they are all the rage among kawaii lovers and not only them. Probably it’s because of the adorable models from Japan, as cute as detailed. And obviously super squishy! Thanks to Modes4U we joined the squishy-mania as well, by choosing 4 of the many squishies available on the online store. Do you want to know how they look? Let’s find out!

Video: our Little Twin Stars’ Re-ment set

How much do we like Re-ment miniatures? A lot! Today we want to show you the fantastic set that the Japanese miniature company dedicated to Little Twin Stars, titled “Dream Girl Room“. It’s a series of 8 different boxes that forms the ideal bedroom of Kiki and Lala. Of course, we couldn’t leave it in the store!

Cute shopping: Bon voyage

Have you already left for the holidays? No matter what’s your destination or if you’ll stay away only for a day, before you leave better have some kawaii accessories for the trip! So, here is our usual selection of products from our partner shop Modes4U to make your holidays even sweeter.

Cute Shopping: Kawaii Party

The summer is ending, but we like to think that there is still room for picnics and days spent outdoors (it can not rain forever, right?). Here is our usual selection of accessories for sale on our partner shop Modes4U that will transform your lunch (to eat at the park or at school/office) in a real kawaii party! And the food? Well, you can take inspiration from our Pinterest board.