Kawaii Christmas: 5 gifts we wish to receive

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to wrap the presents to give to our friends and all the people we love. Did you run out of ideas? Well, you’re not alone! So, we want to help you in a (maybe) unusual way, which is suggesting you five gifts we wish to find under our tree – that maybe you can give to your bestfriend or, why not, yourself. There’s nothing better than a self-gift, right? This is our list.

Sanrio Boys: who are the protagonists of the new anime by Sanrio

One of the “problems” of a kawaii girl is that sometimes the people around her, starting from her boyfriend, do not share her passion for everything cute. Well, this is ending soon (at least virtually)! Sanrio, in fact, just launched the first promotional video of Sanrio Boys, the new anime starring a group of high school boys who love the characters of the brand. Handsome and kawaii: what do you want more?

Video: our Little Twin Stars’ Re-ment set

How much do we like Re-ment miniatures? A lot! Today we want to show you the fantastic set that the Japanese miniature company dedicated to Little Twin Stars, titled “Dream Girl Room“. It’s a series of 8 different boxes that forms the ideal bedroom of Kiki and Lala. Of course, we couldn’t leave it in the store!