Kawaii books: Giappomania

A few weeks ago, during a bookstore tour, our attention was drawn to a very colourful book with an unmistakable title: Giappomania (in English it’s something like Japanmania). It is written by Marco Reggiani, with the illustrations of Sabrina Ferrero, and it is a little jewel that we had to add to our library of kawaii books. If you don’t already know it, we show you the book more closely.

Events in Italy: there’s a Japan Night in Modena

Do you have plans for next Saturday? If you’ve not decided what to do yet and you’re around Modena (Italy), we’ve got some suggestions for you. Saturday, November 25th, in fact, there will be Japan Night, a special event all dedicated to Japan and Japanese music, with a lot of artists ready to make you sing and dance.

Who is Kumamon, the mascot of Kumamoto prefecture hit by the earthquake

As you already know, during the last weeks South Japan was hit by a series of strong earthquakes which have caused many damages and forced thousands of people to leave their homes. The afflicted area is the Kumamoto Prefecture, on Kyushu Island, place of some important historical buildings, like Aso Shrine, one of the most ancient of Japan, and Kumamoto Castle. Even if we are a little late, we wish to remind you what we can do to help the survivors and we want to do it our way… by introducing you to Kumamon, the Kumamoto Prefecture mascot!

Expo in music: the official radio of Japan Pavilion

As we already told you, on July 11th at Expo 2015 it will be Japan Day, a day all dedicated to Japan. Even who is not going to Milan to discover in person the “Harmonious Diversity” of the country, can enjoy anyway it’s atmospheres thanks to Japan Pavilion Radio, a smartphone app and streaming radio which lets Expo visitors (and people at home like us) to take a walk around the rooms of the the Pavilion while listening to a selection of music ranging from J-pop to traditional tunes.

Japan at Expo 2015: from Hello Kitty to Japan Day

The countdown to Expo 2015, the Universal Exposition that is going to start on May 1st in Milan, is ending and here in Italy everyone is talking about the event… even us! Japan in fact will be one of more than 130 countries represented: here is what’s in store for fans of Japanese culture (and food)!

Anna x Kuromi

I must tell you, I like this collaboration so much! There are two reasons: there is Kuromi (which seems to have finally returned from oblivion) and there is Anna Tsuchiya, model, actress and singer, probably remembered by some of you as the star of Kamikaze Girls or as the voice of Nana in the soundtrack of the animated series based on Ai Yazawa’s manga!