Video: let’s eat lots of Christmas sweets

According to the calendar, Christmas was a week ago, but we still want to celebrate. While we are waiting for midnight and the new year, we show you our new video-tasting full of Japanese Christmas sweets. Are you curious to find out which candy received the precious thumbs up from little Eleonora?

Review and giveaway: here is November Japan Candy Box

Although the calendar says we are in December and we are already thinking about gifts and decorations, we go back for a while in November and the fall atmosphere. Last week, in fact, the postman brought us a brand-new Japan Candy Box dedicated to the autumn festival par excellence, at least for those who live on the other side of the ocean, Thanksgiving. Do we open it together?

The 5 Japanese snacks we like the most

Cannot resist to a bag of strange looking snacks? Do you spend too many minutes looking for candy bars at the supermarket? We too. And we can’t have Kawaii Gazette without our delicious ranking of the five best Japanese snacks and sweets we have ever eaten. We are already salivating!

Kawaii Christmas: 5 gifts we wish to receive

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to wrap the presents to give to our friends and all the people we love. Did you run out of ideas? Well, you’re not alone! So, we want to help you in a (maybe) unusual way, which is suggesting you five gifts we wish to find under our tree – that maybe you can give to your bestfriend or, why not, yourself. There’s nothing better than a self-gift, right? This is our list.

Cute shopping: Yummy Japan

Here we are again with our monthly column all about shopping! For March, while this side of the world is celebrating Easter and in Japan cherry blossom just bloomed, we decided to dedicate this page to one of our favourite topics: food! But not any food: Japanese food. So, here is our selection of products from our partner shops and more.

Review + Giveaway: December Japan Candy Box

Here we are again opening (and above all tasting) a new Japan Candy Box! By now all of you already know, but for the very few people who are still in the dark, we’ll write it one more time: Japan Candy Box is the subscription service that lets you receive at home, each month, a fantastic box full candies and snacks from Japan. This time, we received the December 2015 box, containing 10 snacks, one more delicious than another. Let’s find out what’s inside and enter our giveaway to win a Japan Candy Box!

Cute Shopping: Nordic Winter

Let’s welcome back our feature about kawaii shopping! With the new year, we decided to transform our shopping advices in a monthly appointment: will we fulfil this commitment? Well, we’ll try for sure! In the meanwhile, here our pick from our partners. For this month, the theme is winter and Nordic style.

Review: Japan Candy Box, a box full of sweeties

Few days ago we had the pleasure (in every sense) to receive at home a new subscription box made by our friends of Kawaii Box and Blippo. It’s name is Japan Candy Box and, as you can guess, it’s all about Japanese snacks and candies! The basic subscription costs 19,90$ monthly (more or less 18 Euros), with discounts for those who subscribe for 6 or 12 months, and each box contains 8 to 10 different types of snacks, from the most popular to the more strange ones.