Show By Rock!!: a new social game by Sanrio

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A new social game by Sanrio, called Show By Rock!!, is about to arrive on smarphones. The Game will take us to Midi City, a town where music leads the way and success in show business corresponds to power. The player must bring his own band at the top of the charts, fighting with the other bands of Midi City.

Show by Rock!!

The first feature you will probably notice is the characters style (all animals calle “Mumons”, with their corresponding “human” version), quite far away from classic Sanrio design to attract, as the brand said, the attentions of male kids. Among the various playable musical gropus, there are Plasmagica, lead by the cat Cyan, and the visual band Shingan Crimson Z, led by Crow.

Show by Rock!!

The choice of the band will also affect the soundtrack of the game, which combines musical challenges from rhythm games with a classic pet game. Obviously, there is something for all tastes and styles, from a punk girl band to a traditional music group, from electronics to gothic. Given the purely musical nature of Show By Rock!!, Sanrio has decided to call few singers and bands (little known to me, to be honest), which will give voice to the songs that you will hear during the game.

Show by Rock!! should be out very soon for iOS (we do not know if reserved for Japan or not). In the meantime, they have been released some movies that introduce the main characters.

What do you think? I find the character absolutely adorable and I love the “new” Sanrio design. 😀 Take a look at the character sheets and let us know what is your favorite band!

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