Review: let’s eat together the new Japan Funbox

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Even during the summer, we are never tired to receive and taste some new subscription box! Last week, it was the turn for Japanese Candy Box – Japan Funbox, a new service that sends to your home, directly from Japan, yummy boxes full of snacks. Let’s take a better look with our very first tasting-video!

Japan Funbox

Japan Funbox lets you receive home 3 different kinds of boxes (with no shipping costs and in a very short time). We have received the Mini box, containing 5 to 7 snacks carefully selected, both sweet and salty. The Original size instead has inside 15 to 20 items, including a DIY candy kit and a special object (like drinks, gadgets or adult candies – yes, they exist). Lastly, there’s the Family box, with 25 to 30 snacks: we suggest you to split this box with your friends, maybe organizing a themed tasting-party!

Are you curious to know what’s inside our Japan Funbox? We have prepared for you a video a little bit different than usual: a (long) video-review with snack tasting. With us, there’s also our friend Miria, blogger of Plus Kawaii, who boldly ate all the snacks we received, some very good and other… well, not that good (did somebody say umeboshi?)! Unfortunately, the video is in Italian only, but you can enjoy Debby and Miria’s faces all the same.

Thank you very much to Japan Funbox for sending us this tasty box of snacks: we have so much fun eating them and we hope you had fun watching our video! For more information about Japan Funbox and to order your own box (we know you want ume), visit the website 😀

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